Sterek AU: Domestic

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Sterek Week: Day 1 - Domestic. The start of a very domestic relationship. (◡‿◡✿)

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how do we not have people whispering about that weird stilinski kid and all of his bondage paraphernalia?

"Hey, Stiles." Xander grabs the junior by the arm and leads him into the boy’s bathroom which luckily is empty. "Okay, so my girlfriend wants me to…

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But like thinking about domestic!scerek makes me so emotional. Like I want all of it.

Like the fact that Derek is actually a big ole kitten who falls asleep five minutes into Scott carding his hands through his hair. And Scott just smiles and doesn’t wake him up because Derek looks the most at…

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Imagine domestic scruffy!Scott with chubby!Derek for a minute, ok?? Scott likes to bring his boyfriend’s favourite chocolates home when he knows Derek’s having a bad day, or a good day, or just a regular day, so he can see the shy little smile that lights up Derek’s face. Derek likes to draw big…

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Oh man but I need Scott McCall with a praise kink.

There’s just so much pressure on him and he always feels like he’s failing. He devoted an entire summer to bettering himself because he thought he wasn’t good enough before, but nothing’s validated him since he became a lacrosse captain, and…

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okay but non werewolf au where scott and derek are college roommates, and at first derek is like “fucking great i’m stuck with the popular kid” because scott’s 19 and has a lot of friends left from high school and he’s easy to talk to and attractive and a good guy and just really nice, and is 24…

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what are your scerek headcanons? (If you have any)


 I’m super excited no one has ever asked me about this before!!! 

  • Derek tries really hard at first to impress Scott who laughs at him and calls him a dork but likes it anyway
  • I bet they would talk in Spanish to each other under their breath all the time in public 
  • Scott is totally the big spoon 
  • They would love cooking together, maybe Scott would teach Derek his abuela’s recipe for tamales and they would just have lots of fun making yummy food and being happy
  • Derek fills the Netflix account with documentaries and “How It’s Made” episodes while Scott likes mysteries and dramas
  • Early on in the relationship Scott finds out Derek is super touch-starved and makes a point to cuddle as often as possible
  • They’re always in the middle of fostering like three different cats from the clinic and end up keeping a one-eyed tabby who likes to sleep on Derek’s stomach

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but but imagine isaac coming back from france just in time for senior year and he goes over to stiles’s for a study session with the pack, only lydia ends up not being able to go because of some mother-daughter thing that came up and scott and kira totally space and go see a movie instead, and isaac doesn’t think twice about leaning over and kissing stiles in the middle of him going off about something bc he misses what they used to have—until he remembers that that’s over with and stiles and malia are kind of a thing now and he and stiles were never really anything to begin with, just occasional make outs and backseat groping before everything went to shit and he up and left the country

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i don’t know why we are going after a beta when there’s an alpha on the field.

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